Our Marketing Plan




Establishing your homes price:

  • Your most valuable marketing tool! Chances are, your home will sell at it’s fair market value. Pricing it realistically at the outset simply increases the likelihood for a timely sale with less inconveniences and greater monetary return.
  • Buyers are on the pulse of the market. Studies show that most buyers see approximately 75 homes in their price-range before they purchase. Buyers know what is a fair price.
  • Buyers have many avenue of researching the market today: their agent, numerous websites on the internet and newspapers.
  • Momentum is important. Statistics show the first 3-4 weeks are the most important time in marketing your property; this is why it should be priced correctly from the beginning. The current market is hot, inventory is low and homes priced correctly have been selling very quickly. When Buyers see a house on the market for a while, they typically want to negotiate for a lower price.
  • Over-priced homes cause the property to remain on the market too long. Buyers fear something is ”wrong with the property” and will offer less. Frequently, homes on the market for a long time, eventually sell for less that their fair market value. Quite often, your first offer is your best.

Other factors to consider:


Your home’s location and setting influence its value. A home inside a quiet neighborhood sells for more than the identical home on a busy street or an identical home close to the Freeway. Remote areas typically sell for less than those near shopping, restaurants, etc. Your home is perfectly located, walking distance to Ventura is a big plus, and a quiet street such as Swinton is what many buyers are looking for.


New homes enjoy a marketing edge over resale homes because they are shiny and clean. Builders enhance that appeal by staging these model homes so buyers can visualize themselves in it. You can increase value and decrease marketing time by being sure your property is in the best possible condition. Do you need a fresh coat of paint, freshened up landscaping? Yes. Curb appeal gets them in the door.


Your home must be priced within the appropriate range. You must actually “sell” your property twice: First to a buyer and then to an appraiser. The buyer is more subjective and emotional and compares the amenities of your home to those of other homes in the same price range. The appraiser is more objective and compares age, size and cost-identifiable features in your home against other properties that have sold.


Our goal is to get you the maximum amount for your property the market will allow. Sometimes, that takes aggressive measures. To get you the maximum amount for your property that the market will allow, we have to get as many buyers into your property as possible. We will employ a combination of advertising in printed and electronic media, direct mail, networking and prospecting. In keeping with Covid Restrictions we will schedule showings every half hour for two days . All showings will be by appointment with 24 hour notice and we require buyers and their agents sign a Covid document which states the rules for in person visits to your home.

Once the Listing Contract is Signed:

  • We will arrange for property photos to be taken for all the publications, websites
  • All internal listing paperwork is completed. We write the copy in many formats for the MLS and other publications.We will create website and
  • Print materials.
  • In keeping with Covid Restrictions we will schedule showings every half hour for two days . All showings will be by appointment with 24 hour notice and we require buyers and their agents sign a Covid document which states the rules for in person visits to your home. .
  • Order Termite Inspection. We need this ahead of time so we will know if termites remediation will affect our negotiation with buyers request for repairs.
  • We will load Listing on the MLS with the maximum amount of photos.

Web Presence:

Your listing will be seen on every real estate related website including :the following websites:

 www.themls.com,www.bhhscal.com, www.realtor.com, www.yahoo.com

 YOUTUBE.com, www.losanglestimees.com, www.trulia.com,www.zillow.com

In addition your home will appear on all social media such as Facebook, Instagram,Linked In Juwai,the leading property site for Chinese buyers,as well as our weekly Market Update which is distributed to over 700 local buyers.

Your own Property Web Site:

We will create a custom on-line showcase website designed to highlight your home’s unique appeal. This will be added to the MLS under the main photo so prospective buyers and agents can view it and will be identified on your For Sale sign.

Marketing Materials:

  • We will send an on-line flyer with video to all agents in the greater Los Angeles area every week until the home is sold.

Direct Mail:

  • We will send “Just Listed” postcards to your immediate neighborhood and to our personal client sphere.


  • Announce the listing to our immediate office
  • Announce the listing on Berkshire Hathaway’s “Smart Mail”, our intra-office website, to allow our 3400 agents to alert their Buyers to a new listing
  • Announce the listing to all agents at all of the Brokerages in the Los Angeles area.


We will have a Berkshire Hathaway For Sale sign placed on the property. It is amazing how much “buzz’ will be created with a new sign in the neighborhood. We will order necessary riders, including the website rider.

Constant Communication:

You will be receiving calls and emails from us after every Open House and showing. We believe it is important for you to know the feedback we receive from buyers and agents.

The Escrow Process:

The Marketing Plan addresses what we do to FIND the Buyer, but what about the escrow process? This is where knowledge and experience, diligence and principle truly come into play. During every escrow period, there are inspections to be conducted, loans to be secured, and contingencies to be negotiated.

One of our greatest strengths, as experienced professionals, is our ability to calmly and sensibly sort through the fact and details and create win-win situations during these delicate negotiations. Our objective is to close the transaction with everyone involved…satisfied. If a problem is solvable, we solve it. That’s our job. It’s just that simple.